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How often do we compare ourselves to others when walking down the street, when scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, when reading someone else’s bio on LinkedIn?

Why do we do this?
Because we want to be better, do better, achieve more. But who is to say that we aren’t already good enough? Who is to say that we can’t achieve those things?

Do you realise that the very same people that you are comparing your life to, might be also comparing their lives to others?
There will always be people that influence and inspire us – it’s inevitable. But that’s just it – they are INSPIRING – they are NOT you. So listen, observe, understand and then take little bits that resonate with you and your journey and tweak it, emulate it or apply a variation of it into your life.

But please understand that these people that inspire you – whether it be someone at work, a manager, leader, coach, mentor or someone famous – didn’t become an overnight success, they worked goddam hard to get there, and that’s often the part that they don’t show and that you don’t always see.

If you want to change your life, look within and start with yourself. You are unique. Just be you and be WILLING to change, grow, learn and adapt and i’m sure you’ll be surprised with the outcome. You can do, be or earn anything you want if you set the intention and focus on it.

Some of the simplest things in life are the moments that if we pay attention, we can learn the most from. Over the weekend I was inspired and challenged by some thought provoking conversations – and this is what I learnt:

The meaning of life is so simple – BE and FEEL alive
• Be present in the moment
• Don’t feed your past
• Pay attention
• Listen to understand – not to reply
• Set intentions
• Be open and willing to grow and be challenged along the way

Podcast comparison is the thief of joy

Everybody compares their lives to those surrounding them. Rushing in great panic to be more, do better, achieve more – as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves JUST BE YOU.

Comparison is the thief of joy. Allow and accept your journey as your own beautiful, unique experience and enjoy the ride and you will be surprised at the outcome

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