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Are you proactive, or reactive in the workplace?

I have learnt a lot this last 18 months and I seem to attracting a lot of broken souls as of late.. and often see a lot of people in the workplace and in their personal lives that are reactive, constantly criticizing, or complaining but not taking any responsibility for their environment, not communicating effectively when they feel there is an issue and not reflecting on their own attitudes and perspectives.
Many people don’t take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings – they blame others and are in denial when they too could be a key contributor to the overall issue and their current lack of satisfaction in life.
The thing is, that if life isn’t flowing easily for you, if you’re currently feeling trapped or not at ease, if someone or something is bothering you – look back at yourself.
How is your attitude towards the situation?
What is your energy like?
What words are circulating around your mind?
What is your tone like when you speak?
What is your body language like?
Chances are that you’ll notice that your inner world is creating your external reality.
Gossip and reactive attitudes – if in a judgemental way are generally a reflection of your own internal core wounds. It will give a momentary feeling of relief, or even the illusion that your bonding – but in truth, it says far more about you, than the situation. Unfortunately, this is a downward spiral that leads nowhere as it will only ever provide you with momentary relief. Like a coffee or a sugar hit, what goes up, must come down.
Although I am intrigued by the way individuals react or handle certain situations or opportunities in their everyday life, I do find it incredibly unfortunate that we live in a society that seems to be more reactive, than it is proactive. With the lack of self reflection, an increase in stress and divorce rates have gone up, mental health is the new social norm and complaining about your boss over Friday drinks is apparently socially acceptable.
If you have made it to the end of this short post – then I hope that when you realise that your current situation and experiences (whether positive or negative) are a reflection of your own evolution rather than a victimising situation, you will be gifted with a deeper understanding, be able to see situations for what they are and will essentially allow yourself to experience growth in everything you come into contact with from that day forward.
-J x