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Hi, I’m Jacqueline

Mentored by Matt and Liz Raad – Australia’s top experts in the field of buying, selling and renovating websites for profit. Jacqueline has been trained in online business investment. As a by-product of her studies, she is also skilled in website auditing, website design for user experience, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research and analysis, and front-end web development. She has also taken on further study to learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS.

With 8 years of experience in the Healthcare and Medical Industry, Jacqueline decided to take her knowledge to the digital world – getting a job in a Healthcare and Medical Marketing Agency.

Jacqueline does everything based on 4 C’s – Compassion, Connection, Contribution and Community.

Her passion for people and building relationships has provided her with a skill-set that has been highly beneficial both inside and outside the workplace. She is a self- starter who is able to “think outside of the box”, come up with effective solutions and be adaptable to whatever life brings. (Permaculture mindset)

Jacqueline is now a Website Development Manager at Marketing with a Mission. She is known for her love of permaculture & plants, but is also passionate about mindfulness, personal growth, supporting & giving back to the local community, chai lattes, eco-innovation, people and connection. 


About Jacqueline Hastwell

Consultation & Design

Every business is different, therefore Jacqueline strives to understand your business, your ideal customers, & their needs and pairs it with competition & market research in order to deliver to your customers exactly what they are looking for on your website.

All website designs & renovations are discussed prior to building as well as during the build process.


Video Training

Have you had a website built and then had the designer disappear soon after the last payment was made?
Jacqueline offers video training to all of her clients, should they wish to learn the functions of WordPress for themselves.
If you would like to learn more about our WordPress learning centre, contact Jacqueline at


Ongoing Support

Like humans, websites age over time. Therefore, every website will still need some TLC after the main build has been completed.

Regular updates, security checks, maintenance, and ongoing SEO will help keep you ranking in the search engines and will ensure that your website stays as sparkly and as fresh as it was the day it was built.



There are a lot of agencies that are full of promises to generate bulk leads, use words such as acquisition marketing and abbreviations such as PPC, SSL, SEO and CMS. It sounds fancy. But what the heck does all that mean? (If you’re curious, I have created a glossary on all the tech speak.)

My promise? Although I geek out on the technical stuff, I promise to talk to you like a human. I can build you a fully functional, high quality, beautiful website, that is easy to update, easy for users to navigate and that you are proud of.

If 2020 feels like the year that you would like to finally be seen, heard and understood, I will listen and help you to formulate a diverse business strategy that aids in you reaching your personal and business goals.

Keen but have a busy schedule?

I am happy to travel or set up a skype call, to accommodate your busy schedule and make the consultation process a breeze.

Simply email me at to arrange a time


North Brisbane, Queensland


(By appointment only)

M – F : 9–4pm

Sat : 10am–3pm

Sun : Closed