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Learn WordPress

Are you wanting to learn to build your own, beautiful, fully functional interactive WordPress website? 

With our membership program, you can! Learn to build your own website in no time with our easy to understand, step-by-step videos.

Website Design & Strategy

Not sure where to start?
That’s okay! I’m here to help you get a better understanding & gain clarity of your brand’s direction. Together, we can formulate and create a brand strategy, so that you have a brand that you’re truely proud of.

Website Renovation

Are you a business with a half finished website?
Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur that wants to learn how to safely invest in online businesses and get a better return on your investment? I can help you with all of your renovation needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Competition can be fierce and having an SEO strategy is an important part of your initial consultation and design process. SEO should be implemented during your website build and it’s  recommend that you keep it updated regularly. 

Understanding your website

Trying to understand Google Analytics and understanding your websites performance can get a little confusing! With regular reports and easy to understand explanations, I’m here to help you understand your website (without all the tech talk)

Understanding Website Analytics

Learn to understand your website


Are you:

  • Unsure how to read Google Analytics?
  • Now sure what keywords you are ranking for?
  • No idea which page of Google your site is ranking on?

We know all the tech talk can get confusing! With easy to understand explanations, I’m here to help you understand your website and it’s performance (without all the tech talk)


About Jacqueline

Mentored by Matt and Liz Raad – Australia’s top experts in the field of buying, selling and renovating websites for profit. Jacqueline has been trained in online business investment. As a by-product of her studies, she is also skilled in website auditing, website design for user experience, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research and analysis, and front-end web development. She has also taken on further study to learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS. 

With 8 years of experience in the Healthcare and Medical Industry, Jacqueline decided to take her knowledge to the digital world – getting a job in a Healthcare and Medical Marketing Agency.

If you want your business to have a fully functional, high quality, beautiful website and that generates leads and helps take your business to the next level, Jacqueline will listen and help you to formulate a strategy that aids in you reaching your personal and business goals.


Email to learn more.


About Jacqueline Hastwell


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